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2008 The GreenLeaf Newsletter Archives
The Right Tree, Right Place - Jeff tells why the Lace Bark elm is perfect for smaller yards. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for December. Rowdy Rabbit Report - Michelle tells about effective rabbit control and 'resistant' plants. Good Trees Like Fine Wine Take Patience - Rob tells about the 2008 Brillo Verde vintage harvest of Lacey Oaks and Shantung Maples. Holly, As Old As The Ages - Nancy tells about the history of Hollies. Gifts for Thought - holiday gift ideas $10 & Up.

Lost In Texas - Rob tells about the spectacular fall color at Lost Maples State Park. Timely Hints - your November gardening to do list. Tree Farm Time - Brice writes about planning this year's harvest of Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Chinese Pistache, and Shantung Maples. Fall Color - Rob lists plants for Reds & Oranges, Yellow & Golds, and for Fruits & Berries. Walk & Talk - upcoming walk with Rob at J.C. Grant Park. Winter Is A Great Time For Cottage Garden Containers - Nancy tells what to use in

Annual Tree Sale - details of our annual Fall Tree Sale. West Side Story - Rob and Tammy tell about the succulent garden on the west side of their home. Cottage Style Gardening with a Contemporary Texas Twist - Nancy tells about how to achieve this look in our area. Take a Deep Breath and Repeat To Yourself - It's OK to have a weed or two. Michelle tells about the dangers of some common lawn chemical products and some organic alternatives. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for October.

Plant Of The Month - Brice tells about Senna (Cassia corymbosa). Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for September. Gardening & Cooking Have A Lot In Common - Rob writes about his love of both and our first ever Gardening Pot Luck! My Favorite Planting Season - Rob tells why fall is his favorite time for planting. NICE Plant Of The Season - Fall Aster (Symphyotrichum oblongifolium).

Change For The Better - Rob tells about the changes his garden center and gardening habits and about some of his favorite new resources for learning about new trends including: your local municipal water department, Texas Cooperative Extension Service, Texas Smartscape websites. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for August. Plant Of The Month - Brice tells about Pigeonberry (Rivina hmilis).

Gardens On Tour - Rob tells about his day spent on the McKinney Garden Club and the City of Dallas WaterWise tours. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for July. Plant of the Month - Brice tells about Blue Mist Flower (Eupatorium greggi). Water Cooler Talk - Brice tells about what he learned at the Lone Star Regional Native Plant conference and discusses Oakleaf Hydrangea, Nieremberiga 'Starry Eyes', Gaura 'Geyser White', Butterfly Bush (Buddleia), Rhaposdy in Blue Salvia.

Control Your Coleus - Michelle describes the wide variety of coleus we carry, and how to keep them looking spectacular! Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for June. A Personal Thanks - Rob says thanks to the staff members for a job well done during the busy spring season.

Plants In, Plants Out, Rob gives thanks for the opportunity of creating gardener happiness. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for May. Plant Of The Month - Brice tells about Mojave Sage (Salvia pachyphylla). Operation NICE Plant Of The Season - Spiderwort (Tradescantia). Those Perilous Pears - Michelle explains why Bradford Pears are especially susceptible to wind damage.

Ten Plants To Take Your Mind Off Your Curtains: Our ten favorite well-adapted plants for 2008. Sit A Spell: Rob shares his reflections on spring in his garden.

Are You Ready - Rob writes about getting ready for spring and our new container garden planting service. Timely Hints - your March gardening to do list. Notes From Brillo Verde - Brice shares what's going on at the farm. Sustainable Landscaping - Nancy tells the basic of naturalistic design and the use of native plants.

It's The Big "O" - Randy writes about organic lawn care. Timely Hints - your February gardening to do list. Sustainable Landscaping - Nancy writes about what this new trend really is. Now Is The Time - Jeff urges those wanting landscape design to get it scheduled before the spring waiting times grow. Raised Bed And Square Foot Gardening - Nancy describes this new technique for veggie and herb gardens.

Loyalty Points Programs - Rob details the new loyalty points program. Timely Hints - your January Gardening To Do list. A December Observation - Rob tells how the grackles helped him clean up dead crickets. Scale Attack - Bill & Michelle tell how to recognize scale on your crape myrtles and how to treat them. Favorite Gardens - Rob tells about some of his favorite metroplex and Texas area gardens. 
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