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2009 The GreenLeaf Newsletter Archives
A Look Back & A Look Forward - Rob shares 2009 reflections and plans for 2010. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for December. Many Christmas gift ideas and a calendar of December and January events.

Observations Of A New Resident - Rob tells of the most common problems he has seen since moving 'to town'. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for November. Plants for Autumn - Brice tiells about Muhlenbergia ‘Pink Flamingos’. What Shades Of Green Means To Me - Vicky tells us why Shades Of Green is special to her. Urban Forest Hike & Talk: Join Rob on a walk along Tcychas Trail. Sweet Potato Soup - Vicki's recipe, YUM!

Notes From Brillo Verde - Brice tells about what's going on at the farm and some perennials, Hemerocallis ‘Going Bananas’, River Mist Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium), Tradescantia ‘Pale Puma', Stokesia ‘Peachie’s Pick’, Eupatorium greggii or ‘Blue Mistflower', Eupatorium betonicifolium or betonyleaf Eupatorium, a new agave, Furcraea mediopicta, Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ or Japanese forest grass, Carex, several varieties of Baptisia. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for September.

Wanted: Good Homes For Trees - Annual Tree Sale details. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for September. Bed Preparation 101 - Bill writes about the basics of organic bed prep. Veggies Gone Wild - Michelle talks about the joys of fall vegetable gardens. A September Surprise - Rob writes about Fall Aster (Aster oblongifolia).

Sprinklers Schminklers - Michelle shares her favorite plant choices from her large and non-irrigated garden. Timely Hints - your gardening to do list for August. Uncommon Plant Of The Month - Brice tells about Weeping Forestiera (Forestiera augustifolia 'Pendula'). Our Best Summer Blooming Trees In North Texas - Bill tells about Crape Myrtles, Vitex, and Desert Willow. The View From My Front Porch - Leeann tells about sprucing up her front porch with container gardens. A Passion For Plants

Weather Or Not - Jeff talks about the best time of year to plant. Timely Hints - Your gardening to do list for July. Plant of the Month - Brice tells about Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum rufidulum). Share Your Experience - one of our customers, Jan Gregg, shares her reasons for gardening. Killdeer Update - the Killdeer chicks from the June article have hatched and moved on. Cute picture of a Killdeer chick too! Operation NICE plant of the Season - Pigeon-Berry (Rivina humilis).

Don't Weed Your Trees Out - Rob cautions about tree damage that can be caused by applying broadleaf herbicide as weed control to your lawn. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for June. Plant of the Month - Brice tells about Butterfly Weed or Asclepias tuberosa. Organic Lawn Care - How to Improve your soil's health, the foundation of all organic programs. Nature Around Us - A pair of Killdeer birds built a nest in the middle of Rob's driveway. Branching Out - Jeff warns about planting shr

Life Changes - Rob shares his reflections on moving from his rural 5 acre homesite to a small urban yard. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for May. Year of the Magni-scent Basil - Lauren shares her recipe for Garden Fresh Basil Pesto. Erase Those Tired Lines - Nancy talks about updating old landscaping with some new trends and 'right sized' plants. Those Rascally Rabbits - Bonnie tells how win the battle with the rabbits.

Sedum Garden Take Two: Rob tells how to plant a container garden with Sedum. What To Do With Summer Herbs: Spearmint, Basil, Dill, Chives, Cilantro, Tarragon, and others add flavor to summer dishes. Hard To Find, Easy To Grow: Brice's top ten well-adapted plants for 2009. Who's Been Digging In Your Yard: Amardillos and how to rid yourself of them.

Value Gardening - Rob shares some "value" ideas to consider for your garden. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for March. An Ancient Passion - Michelle shares the history of container gardens. 2-4-1 Is My Kind Of Deal - Nancy tells about Cottage-Style Gardens. Learn On The Go - Spring 30-minute Seminar Calendar.

To Plant A Tree Or Not To Plant A Tree? - Jeff reviews some considerations when preparing to plant a tree. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for February. Dream Away - Nancy loves gardening catalogues, but reminds us why its a good idea to buy locally and check to see if your dream plants from that pretty catalog picture will even live here. Sage Advice - Randy tells about one of his favorite hot season plants, Rio Bravo Texas Sage, one one cold winters day. Getting Level with Scale -

Best Of 2008: Brice describes the best selling perennials of 2008 by flower color: Autumn Sage, Ice Plant, Blackfoot Daisy, Mexican Feather Grass, Pincushion, Katie's Dwarf Ruellia, Stella d'Oro Daylily, Four Nerve Daisy, Texas Primrose, and Pink Skullcap. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To-Do List for January. Groovy Going Green - 10 tips from Michelle on how to go 'green'. How Will Your Garden Grow? - Nancy shares her ideas about gardening as we get a bit older and how to avoid some aches & 
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