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It's Still Working, "Right Plant, Right Place": Rob shares how our "Right Plant, Right Place" philosophy makes even more sense in this economy. And why now is the "Right Time" for planting. Timely Hints: Yes, there are Garden To-Dos even in December. Trees of Fall: Jeff tells about planting Chinese Pistache, Sweet Gum, Texas Ash, Cedar Elms, Shumard Red Oaks, Crape Mrytles, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, and Ginko trees for spectacular fall color.

Now Is The Time To Invest In Shade: Fall is the best time of year to plant trees in Texas and our annual tree sale ends this month. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for November. Thankful To Be Surrounded By Talent: Rob is grateful for the talents of the Shades Of Green staff members. Berry, Berry Interesting!: Jeff tells about berry bearing trees and shrubs.

Fall, Texas' Best Gardening Season: Rob shows why Fall is the best time to do major planting in Texas. Timely Hints: Gardening To Do list for October. Hurray! Dirt is Moving: Tammy is thrilled the backyard makeover has begun. She shares the plans. Miles And Miles Of Texas!: Rob information about the Monarch butterfly migration and observations on roadside trees and plants. Plant of the Month: Teucruim aroanium, Gray Creeping Germander.

Plant Of The Month: Cassia cornymbosa, Senna. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for September. Gardening & Cooking Have A Lot In Common: Both benefit from a plan and experience. My Favorite Planting Season: Rob tells why fall is our area's best time to plant. Aster oblongifolius, Fall Aster: NICE plant of the season. Annual Tree Sale details announced.

Plant of the Month: Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for August. Research For The Future: Rob talks about the Earthkind Perennial Research Garden at Myers Park. Boy, Is It Hot! : Jeff shares how to help you and your yard have summer success. Short, Not So Sweet: Casey's experience with renegade dachshunds while planting a tree.

Plant Of The Month: Variegated Sea Oats. Summer Ramblings By Rob: Rob's list of things to pay attention to during summer, and his Mojito recipe! Timely Hints: Gardening To Do list for July. Summer Ramblings by Jeff: Jeff tells about Coralberry and Baptisia at his home. Most Popular By Demand At Shades Of Green: What do we sell the most of? Lemon Coral Sedum.

One Year Later: Rob tells about the move to the city and his thoughts about landscaping the new backyard. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for June. Notes From Brillo Verde: Brice shares information about 4 perennials he is growing at the farm that you may want to try: Phlox pilosa, Lobelia cardinalis, Baptisia, Amsonia montana. Taking A Stroll: Jeff tells about 4 native trees on his property: Roughleaf Dogwood, Eastern Redbud, Burr Oak, and Chinquapin Oak. Nature All Around Us: the Pipevine Swa

Plant Trials 2010: Brices shares some new plant introductions we are trying this year: Coreposis "Presto," Gaillarida "Oranges and Lemons," Gaillarida Commontion "Tizzy," Rudbeckia "early bird gold," Gaillarida Aristata "Amber Wheels," and Salvia "Wendy's Wish." Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for May. Amazing Arial Show Coming Soon To Your Backyard: Rob tells about 3 plants that attract hummingbirds: Pink Skullcap, Yellow Bird Of Paradise, Agastache "Apricot Sunrise."

Surprise! It's Spring In Texas: 12 inches of snow on the first day of Spring 2010. One Is The Loneliest Number: Jeff's favorite well-adapted plants for mass plantings. Out And About: Rob goes to the farm and shares what's growing and coming into the nursery soon. Cedar Sage: NICE plant of the season. Call The Guinness Book Of World Records?: A customer shares a photo of his amazing Carolina Jasmine.

Plant of the Month, Perhaps the Year: Chinese Fringe Tree: Brice tells about this east Texas native tree. Right Plant, Right Place: Rob tells about how to have the greatest chance of success when choosing plants for your landscape. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for March. Big Green Box Alert: Rob shares electric company guidelines for landscaping around transformers for underground utilities.

2009 Best Sellers: Brice tells about the best sellers of 2009, Blackfoot Daisy, Stella d'Oro Daylily, Scabiosa Butterfly Blue, Sedum Lemon Coral, Stipa Mexican Feather Grass, Ice Plant, Ruellia "Katies Blue," Calylophus, Pink Skullcap, Red Salvia greggi. Ready, Set, Go: how to prepare your yard for spring. Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for February. Eve's Necklace: NICE plant of the Season. Freeze Burn: What to do about freeze damage on your garden. Start Anew With A Landscape Too!: Let Sha

Surprising Mexican Sedum, Timely Hints: Garden To Do list for January, New Faces & Fans: Shades Of Green creates a Facebook page! Smiling Faces Wanted for Spring Part-time Help! Instant Shade: A bumper crop of extra large Red Oaks is available in the nursery, grown at our farm. Ten Minute Card For New Trees: How to help your new tree thrive. Just Peachy: Want to grow fruit trees? Rob shares 4 commitments you must make for success. Shades Of Green Celebrates A Decade At Coit Road: Has it been 
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