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Tis The Season - Rob shares how he treasures handcrafted gifts and a bunch of gift ideas for your special someone! December Events announced - Neil Sperry's Pen Sale & Our Holiday Open House. Fresh From The Farm - see photos of this year's tree harvest and details on the Tree Sale. Reflections - Rob's gardening thoughts on 2011.

From This To That - Rob shares the joy of seeing an acorn turn into a large Red Oak. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for November. Plant Of The Month - Stella d'oro Daylily. Chilling & Grilling - Our new line of pellet grills. Get Adapted - Rob shares an online resource for research and why NOW is the time to move to a "Texas Smartscape."

Help, My Red Oak Is Yellow! - Do you really have a Pin Oak? How to tell, and help offered by Shades Of Green, Best Native Perennials For The Sun - Our Ten Favorite Perennials that will thrive in the North Texas Summer Sun! Timely Hints: Your Gardening To-do List for October, Container? Balled & Burlap? - Rob tells the difference and offers advice on how to choose which will work best for you. Salvia reptans, West Texas Grass Sage, Plant of the Month. Testify - Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks save Ro

Rudbeckia hirta - Brice tells why he loves Black Eyed Susan, also called 'Denver Daisy'. Timely Hints - your September gardening To Do list. See some of the cool new things we found at trade shows that will be in the store soon. Announcing Our New At-home Landscape Consultation Service - read all about it! Texas Two Step. Plan Now, Plant In A Spell - Jeff says schedule your fall landscaping design appointment now while the queue is short! Also 2 great coupons, and Annual Tree Sale details!

Whew, What A Summer- Rob shares tips on how to help your landscape survive and thrive in record heat. Timely Hints - Your Gardening To Do List for August. Be A Local Yokel - Rob asks for your support. A Well Adapted Beauty - Rob describes Hardy Hibiscus and its large blooms!

A Summer Tree Sale Ten Years In The Making: Read about why Shades Of Green started our farm, Brillo Verde. And details of our first ever JULY TREE SALE!! Timely Hints - Your Gardening To-Do List for July. Just A Farm Boy - Rob's on his Granddad's farm and Brillo Verde. Brillo Verde Farm Report - Brice tells what is growing at the farm and what cool plants he is bringing into the store. Also a wonderful recipe for Lemon Verbena & Honey Granita. Valuable coupons for Pottery, Sports Stones, an

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues: Brice reviews some great choices for summertime color in North Texas including Agastache, Pink Skullcap, Tall Phlox, Starry Eyes, Erigeron or Fleabane, Lobelia cardinalis. Time For A Rant: Brice rants about Azaleas and why they don't do well here. Timely Hints, a gardening to do list for June. Coreopsis Confusion: Brice reviews several varieties that are sure to make through summer with flying colors and return for more next year! Check out the Specials

Big Changes: Shades Of Green launches a new website, and resumes mailing The GreenLeaf twice a year. Timely Hints: Gardening To-Do list for May, Shades Of Green's Top Ten Native Perennials to Attract Butterflies: Blackfoot Daisy, Verbena, Orange Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, Zexmenia, Yarrow, Hardy Blue Aster, Gregg's Mistflower, Texas Lantana, Black-eyed Susan. Shades Of Green's Top Ten Perennials To Attract Hummingbirds: Coral Bells, Pink Skullcap, Texas Betany, Autumn Sage, Mealy Blue Sage,

Something Old, Something New, Something Blue: Brices shares info on old favorites: Blackfoot Daisy, Dianthus "First Love', Salvia "Caradonna", Blue Mist, Coral Bells, New favorites: Coneflower "Milkshake", Peony, Rudbeckia laciniata "Autumn Sun", Malva sylvestris "Zebrina", and Something Blue: Stokesia "Peachie's Pick".

Spring Cleaning Time!: Rob shares a spring garden cleanup check list. Timely Hints: Garden To-Dos for March.

February Freeze: Rob discusses our long freeze event and the effect it may have on your garden and what to do. Timely Hints: Garden To-Do list for February. Lots of Valentines Gift suggestions.

2011 Gardening Resolutions: Rob suggests some gardening New Year's resolutions. Timely Hints: Gardening To-Do list for January. Help Wanted: part-time spring help needed. What? No Tree Auction! - But a big sale of very nice trees at the Farm. Symphoricarpos orbiculatus - Coralberry, NICE plant of the Season. Annual Tree Sale details. 
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