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Building A Better Tree: Jeff discusses factors in growing great trees. Timely Hints: Your Dec 2013 Gardening TO DO List. Berry, Berry Good: Rob's Mix and Match Quiz of Berry Producing Plant Names & Pics - win a $10 gift certificate! What's In A Warranty: Rob shares how our warranty works. Details of the Tree Sale - Save up to 30%, Absolutely Ends Dec 31, 2013!

A North Texas Gardener Gives Thanks - 28 reasons Rob is grateful! Timely Hints - Your November 2013 Gardening To Do List. Cool Soil, Cool Days, Cool Plants, Cool Gardeners - Brice shares a handful of cool plants to try this fall. Coupons and a Quiz to test your knowledge!

Trees Enhance Our Lives - Rob tells why the trees in his yard are important. Timely Hints - Your October 2013 gardening To-Do list. Community Effort - The Plano Environmental Education Center. Five Ideas to Help You Lead a Colorful Life - 4 Fall bloomers and one that adds butterfly color! Sedum Showdown - a new sedum we love, Mr. Goodbud. Fall is For Planting - Fall is the best time of the year for Planting. White Mist Flower - NICE plant for Fall 2013. Coupons & Tree Sale info!

Plant of the Month - Texas Sage "Lynn's Legacy" - read why we love this profuse bloomer! Timely Hints - your September 2013 gardening to do list. Fall is for Planting - Rob lists all the reasons Fall is great for all kinds of planting projects. News on our Annual Tree Sale and the Tree Auction is Back!

A Special Visitor - Rob describes a special hummer that visits his garden. Timely Hints - Your August 2013 Gardening To Do List. Farm Fresh Special - great perennials and ornamental trees coming in from the farm. Plus details of our first ever BOGO sale! Hand Watering Saves Plants - reprint of great summer info. Garden Quiz - Correct answers can win prizes and bragging rights!

Plant Of The Month - Salvia Greggi 'Teresa'. Timely Hints - Your July 2013 Gardening To Do List. Summer Expose' - Why exposing a trees root flare is beneficial. Be A Local Yokel! - We appreciate your patronage all year but especially during the slower summer months. Savings - announcing many new items on special!

Stage 3 Water Restrictions June 1! - Rob shares suggestions for helping your yard thrive even with Stage 3 restrictions. Timely Hints - Your June 2013 Gardening To Do List. NICE Plant of the Season - Pavonia Lasiopetala (Rock Rose). Notes From Brillo Verde - What's getting planted and what's coming in from the farm this month.

A Tale Of Two Turks Caps - We follow Tom & Tim Turks Cap from the farm to a new home. Timely Hints - Your May 2013 Gardening To Do List. May 2013 Plant Of The Month - Guara Linkheirmeri "Rosy Jane". Great Plants - Rob shares his gardening philosophy. Skeeter Control - suggestions for help in controlling mosquitoes this summer.

Something Old, Something New - Brice shares suggests 10 perennials to try this year in your garden. Timely Hints - your April 2013 gardening To Do list. Putting Together A Landscape Design - Jeff shares the steps our design staff uses to create the perfect landscape design for you. Plants In, Plants Out - Rob tells about how we bring all the high-quality plant material into the nursery.

Don't Worry, Be Happy - We are here to help you be successful. Timely Hints - Your March 2013 gardening To Do List. A Good Year - Jeff explains why this is a banner year for Shades of Green. March 2013 Plant Of The Month - Texas Betony. NICE Plant of the Season - Berlandier's Sundrops.

A Jump On Spring - Rob shares his Spring cleanup strategy. Timely Hints - Your Feb 2013 Gardening To Do List. Mexican Feathergrass - NICE! Plant Of The Month. Where Have All The Gardeners Gone? - Jeff muses about changing gardening trends. Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away - Tammy discusses our water situation, how to amend your soil, and plant selection with our water shortages in mind. Prune Like A Pro - details on our Feb 23 class. Topics? - Please send us ideas on what you'd like to see

2013 Gardening Resolutions - Rob suggests some ideas for your New Year's Resolutions! Timely Hints - your January 2013 Gardening To Do List. Smiling Faces Wanted - spring part time positions available. A New Year, A New Guarantee - Shades Of Green updates their guarantee policies. Plant Of The Month - Wooly Stemota! 
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