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Brrr it's getting COLD out there. We're already looking forward to the LAST frost! There are still things that need to be done, so be sure to read the Timely Hints! Time to prune AND plant perennials (yep, that's right)! Don't miss out on the Tree Sale Savings! Plant a LIVING Holiday Tree this year ...

Howard has tips on preparing for Winter's bitter temps that will be here soon. Our Monthly Timely Hints reminds us there is still much to do throughout Fall and into Winter. This season of thanks, we give Thanks to YOU with this month's Coupon!

Our Annual Tree Sale continues! October is a perfect time to add shade trees to your landscape. Karin shares ideas for creating a soothing shady oasis for next year's hot summer days. Our Timely Hints keeps your landscape on-track for the fall season. Check out our unique Pumpkins and Gourds for your holiday decorating. Dean sheds some light on the power of Liquid Seaweed for your plants. We have the ‘NICE! Plant of the Season’ in stock!

Fall is finally here ... now is the time for fall gardening. It's also a great time to update your landscape and plant new trees! Our Annual Tree Sale starts this month ... be sure to take advantage of the incredible savings on all our trees 10-gallon and larger!! Our Timely Hints helps you keep on track with your landscape's needs this month.

The future of irrigation is changing. Jeff shares his insights on how your landscape can change along with it. Our Timely Hints helps you get through the summer. Veronica shares how sometimes you just have to "Learn As You Go" when it comes to gardening. We have some Great Savings going on this month ... don't miss out!

There are MANY people involved in the success of our Nursery, and Randy shares his "Thanks" to ALL involved. Timely Hints helps you manage your gardens each month. The NICE! Plant of the Season ... again one of our favorite's too! Check out the Specials and Coupons this month! Wow!

Anyone can be a 'master' of their personalized outdoor space. Steve teaches us to Nurture Your Nature. Marilyn reminds us about some VERY good tips for conserving our most precious resource -- Water. And along with these wonderful tips, we have a great COUPON that will help, too! Back by popular demand, Neil Sperry will be visiting again for another Book Signing Event! We're excited!!

Cameron shares his opinion on Color Mulch ... just say NO! Looking for great butterfly plants? Brice shares an extensive list of some of our favorite butterfly perennials. Remember Mother's Day is this month! We have some NEW items in our Gift Shop to help you put a smile on Mom's face! Consider planting a Butterfly / Hummingbird Garden ... our coupon this month will help!

Water Restrictions have you worried? Xeriscape your way through it ... we can help! Our Open House was fun and informative ... thank you for joining us! Did you see us at The Garden Show? Brice has some perennials that just might tickle your fancy! This Spring's 'NICE Plant of the Season' is one of our favorites, too!

70-Degree days are tempting ... but Jeff says WAIT! Join us for our Open House ... see inside for the details! Brice shares his Notes from Brillo Verde and how Eastern Red Cedars are growing in popularity. Have a Stress-less Spring with Rob's suggestions.

It may still be COLD outside, but Spring is just around the corner (we promise)!! We're Stir Crazy too, so now is the time to get in the mind-frame of fertilizing, mulching, sprucing up, and adding to our landscapes. Discover the NICE! Plant of the Season. Crape Myrtles help our feathered friends ... see how!

New Year's resolutions for your garden - Cameron gives you tips on how to start your new year off on the right foot with your yard. Timely Hints for the month of January. Not the first, not the last ice storm - Rob reflects on the big ice storm in December. The Possumhaw Holly is our Plant of the Month. 
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