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At Home Consultation Service for Small Landscape Projects

Is your garden and landscape old, tired, boring? Is it not in the running for yard-of-the-month? Is it like some celebrities: out-of-control, overgrown, and in serious need of rehab? Do you need to replant some areas that have died or aren’t doing well? Are you new to North Texas and it’s all a mystery? Want to learn specifics of how to maintain your landscape better? You don’t really need a full-blown design, but would like personal and specific guidance on a smaller project or with plant selection? 

We can help! Sign up for our private, in-home consultation service to guide you down the road to garden happiness. You and your landscape consultant will focus on specific garden goals, problems, or those smaller ‘do-it-yourself’ projects. Here’s how it works:

• Consultation fees are $120 for a private, one-hour consultation at your home, including travel time. If you desire additional time and the consultant’s schedule allows, each additional 30 minutes is $60.
• Fees for additional time can be paid at the end of the consultation. Appointments are available Monday – Saturday between 9 AM and 6 PM. Fees can be paid over the phone by credit card or by cash or check in the nursery when making your appointment in person. Sorry, but we cannot book an appointment without pre-payment. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.
• While setting the appointment, you and your landscape consultant will briefly discuss your goals for the consultation and amount of time desired.
• Your consultant can provide a quote for landscape installation of suggestions if desired after your appointment.
• Consultations are available in select areas within a 10 mile radius of the nursery in the following zip codes: Frisco 75033, 75034, 75035; McKinney 75070, 75071; Little Elm 75068; Hebron/Plano 75010; Plano 75023, 75024, 75025, 75074, 75075, 75093; Allen 75013, 75002; and Fairview 75069.

The absolute best time of year to do this is in the summer, fall, and winter! Springtime brings everyone in, and that means long wait times for your personal consult.   

Call our nursery to pay and schedule your appointment today! Or email us, and our consultant will call you!

I'm A “Do-It-Yourself” Type, Need Landscape & Plant Advice

You love getting your hands in the dirt, and your garden is a labor of love. Or your budget simply demands that you provide the labor. But a little-to-no-charge guidance with advice on design ideas, how to prepare your beds, and plant choices would be great. This is the option for you! Since this is a free service, please gather the following information so we can best assist you and make the most of your time. 
  • Some snapshots or pictures of the area printed on plain paper or a larger device (like a tablet). Sorry, we have found that smart phone screens are too small.   
  • A copy of your plat plan is great if you have it, or a drawing of the area somewhat to scale with measurements so we can jot down some suggestions for you.
  • Note how the sun moves across your area during the day.
  • How many hours of direct sun or shade does it receive during the day? (This will change between winter and summer, so note where due north is.)
  • Your goals and any special desires, needs, or concerns.
Our knowledgeable nursery sales staff can help you decide on a theme or general look for your garden, provide some design advice, explain soil and bed prep needs, and can help you select plants that will achieve the look you want while minimizing your ongoing maintenance chores. Please note that this is not a design service, but rather it is intended to help you with a small area project only (see NOTE below for larger projects). We will be happy to quote you a price for materials and installation if you like.

THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE MONTHS OF MARCH, APRIL, MAY, OCTOBER, or NOVEMBER, as these are the busiest months for our nursery staff. We encourage you to come into the nursery and look through the landscape vignette area which can give you good ideas for your yard, too!   

NOTE: For larger projects, we suggest our landscape design service to assist with an entire yard or front or back yard sized project. We have found that this saves time and money for our customers with large projects whether they do the work themselves or have us do it for them. You wouldn't remodel your kitchen or bath without a design plan, would you?

Landscape Clean-up & Maintenance Service

Has your garden been invaded by weeds, grass, and other unknowns? Do you have plants that you don't know if or how to prune? Do you need to mulch? We can help!
Our clean-up and maintenance service includes the following:

• Proper pruning techniques for all of your natural style landscape (we don't do bubble or square pruning)
• Cleaning the landscape bed areas
• Mulching
• Organic based fertilization
• Minimum 4 hours, $80 labor, 2 man crew. Call or email and we'll come by, evaluate, and provide a quote.
• Average clean-up job is $500 and up.
• Consider combining with our Color Planting Service!

Many of our customers schedule their clean-up for spring and the fall, but some customers and their landscapes want it as often as 4 times a year. Schedule yours early in the season before our lead times grow for this service, too! 

We do not offer a weekly mowing and edging service. Call or email us if you need a referral to a local company that does a great job; we know several!

Color Bed & Pot Planting Service

Annual flowerbeds and color pots add an inviting splash of color to your landscape, entry, patio, or deck. We can help you choose flowers that will make your space sing. Or take advantage of our planting service, and we'll do it for you.  

Flower Bed Planting Service
  • Remove existing flowers
  • Loosen the soil and plant the new flowers
  • We recommend adding compost, fertilizer and mulch, but this is optional. For every 2 flats of flowers, we recommend 1 bag of compost, 1 bag of natural shredded hardwood mulch, and a top dressing of Colorscapes fertilizer to keep your beds and pots healthy and colorful all season long. 
  • Service area is within a 15 mile radius of the nursery (click to check to see if you are within our service area).
  • Minimum of 4 flats of 4" annuals at $50 each ($25 labor, $25/flat planted) for planting beds.
  • Yes, make my flower beds beautiful! Click here to email us; include the sizes and sun exposure of your beds. Be sure to include your contact info. We will contact you with a quote and schedule. 
Color Pot Planting Service
  • Minimum of $80 labor
  • Email (or simply bring into the nursery) some photos of your pots, the diameter of each, and a description of the hours of sun exposure, and we will bring out a unique and colorful selection of plants that will make your pots say "Wow!" 
  • Cost is labor plus plants. We will email or call you with a quote and a schedule. 
  • Yes, let's do it! Click here to email us your photos and info. Be sure to include your phone number if you prefer the phone. We will contact you with a quote and a schedule.
Do-It-Yourself Color Bed and Pot Planting Advice
  • Measure the diameter of your pot or pots. Then make a newspaper or poster board template of the pots. 
  • Note the hours of sun exposure for each pot or grouping of pots.
  • Bring the template and sun info to the nursery, and the nursery staff will be happy to help you put together the perfect "Thrill, Spill, Fill" selection. 
  • Remember to pick up Colorscapes fertilizer and fresh potting soil, too!
  • Watch our "Thrill, Spill, Fill" instructional video (coming soon).

Tree Installation

To give you the most flexibility, trees can be purchased “cash and carry” or ‘planted and guaranteed.” Large trees are remarkably heavy living things, a lot of wood, water and soil! At the same time, the roots that carry essential water and nutrients are near the edges of the root balls, and are incredibly tiny and delicate. Dropping a heavy tree or rough handling can sever these tiny roots, causing tree stress. Careful handling and proper planting techniques are critical to tree survival and success. Our experienced tree planting crew has the knowledge and tools to do the job correctly, ensuring your new tree has the best chance at becoming the centerpiece of your landscape. 

At the time of purchase, we will add your tree to the planting schedule. No worries, your planting can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. If you’d like to be there, great! If that's not convenient, it is not a problem. You’ll get a tree stake to mark where you’d like your tree planted. Plan early, expect a lead time of 2-4 weeks during the spring and fall months. We know your schedule changes, so we'll call the day before your schedule planting arrives. If it's not a good time, simply call back, and we'll try again. 

When your tree planting appointment arrives, our crew will plant, water in, and stake your tree, then clean up the area. So there are no surprises for either of us, please notify us ahead of time of special circumstances, like removal of an old tree or tree roots, difficult or narrow access, dogs, other work ongoing, etc. This allows bring the tools or equipment we need and inform you of any extra costs we anticipate up front. 

Shades of Green is not responsible for breakage to undisclosed pipes, cables, and wires. For plantings of all material larger than 15 gallons, we suggest contacting Texas811 with 48 hours’ notice, and they will mark your utility lines at no charge to you. Sprinkler system components can only be located via your sprinkler plan or digging. We make every effort to work around phone lines and sprinkler systems, but sometimes a break occurs. Most sprinkler problems can be repaired on the spot, and we will call the proper companies to have phone lines, etc. repaired ASAP.

Please see our Tree Guarantee document for further details.  
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